Allied offer a full and interim service for vehicles, including cars and vans, whatever the make and model of your vehicle. We can service personal or commercial vehicles.

Being a vehicle hire company, with more than 20 years of experience, we regularly service and maintain our own fleet so you can rest assured your vehicle will be safe in our hands. We are an independent local service centre with expert technicians who are knowledgeable and professional. At Allied, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an honest, reliable and friendly service. We’re easy to find based close to the city centre of Chelmsford. You’ll find us located on Gloucester Avenue in Chelmsford, Essex.

What is a vehicle service?

Vehicles need to be serviced in order to ensure they are maintained and safe to run on the road. A regular service can help reduce the risk of a breakdown, maximise the longevity of the vehicle and improve its fuel consumption. A service includes a number of vehicle checks which may reduce problems with your vehicle and the chances of a breakdown.

In general, vehicle owners should service their vehicle every 12 months or as frequently per the manufacturers guide.

Allied offer an interim or full service so you can choose the service which best suits your needs. Allied recommends vehicles have a full service every 12 months or according to the manufacturers guide. For an interim service, Allied recommend this is conducted every 6000 miles or every 6 months. Our checklist below shows what is included in the interim and full service package.

Vehicle maintenance

Regularly servicing your vehicle not only ensures your vehicle is safe but it can also help when you decide it’s time to sell or part-exchange your vehicle. The used car market is extremely competitive so having a full service history can help buyers feel reassured about their purchase decision.

Why service with Allied?

Allied are a local independent service centre based on Gloucester Avenue in Chelmsford, Essex with expert mechanics on-hand to take the time to inspect and ensure your vehicle is safe.

Our expert mechanics are trained to service any make or model of vehicle using the latest diagnostic technology. Allied are committed to providing a professional, friendly, straightforward and honest vehicle service.

Allied offer a collection and drop-off service for vehicles if you are unable to bring in your vehicle. We can also arrange for an alternative vehicle to be left with you. This is charged at a small fee.

Van servicing

We regularly maintain our own fleet of vans and cars and have the local expertise to conduct a thorough service. Servicing your van can ensure your vehicle has a lower risk of breakdown and increase its lifespan. Our service centre has been fitted with specialist equipment which allows us to service long wheelbase vehicles. Just like our car servicing, we will only use parts for repairs which are of an original equipment manufacturer s (OEM) standard.

Our service values

At Allied, we believe every customer deserves an unrivalled level of customer support and be confident with our service promise below:

Simple and clear pricing
Only pre-approved work to be carried out
Expert technicians using the latest modern diagnostic technology
Optional vehicle collection and drop-off
Alternative vehicles available
Genuine parts used
Wash and vacuum included
Vehicle service book stamped
Vehicle health check

Our service guarantee

Under the Block Exemption Regulation, you have the choice to choose where you have your vehicle is serviced. Our professional expert mechanics are on-hand to conduct a professional servicing to your vehicles. We’ll only carry out additional work on a vehicle with your permission. At Allied, we only use parts which match the quality of the vehicle manufacturer’s equipment. This means that your vehicle warranty remains valid and you do not have to pay the charges of the main dealership.

Service price guide

At Allied, the cost of the service depends on your vehicle engine size and oil requirements for the make and model of your vehicle. Any additional work on your vehicle will be charged accordingly. We will not carry out any additional repairs without your permission.

Engine Size Interim Service Full Service Oil Service MOTs (Class 4)
Up to 1000cc From £135 From £169 £69 £45
Up to 1300cc From £145 From £179 £79 £45
Up to 1600cc From £155 From £189 £89 £45
Up to 2000cc From £165 From £199 £99 £45
Up to 2500cc From £175 From £209 £109 £45
2500cc + POA POA POA £45

*Fuel filter and Spark plugs at an extra cost where needed.


Allied currently do not carry out MOTs ourselves. However, we do have a local partner based in Chelmsford, Essex who can do this for you. You can book an MOT online via and we will arrange for the MOT test to be carried out. We will take care of this for you so you do not need to look for an alternative garage.

Servicing checklist

Below is what is included in the interim and full servicing. We will also look into anything you report and would like us to look in to with a full service option. Our technicians will stamp your vehicle’s service book to ensure your vehicle history service is maintained.

You can book your service online or by calling our Chelmsford branch on 01245 496 155.

Vehicle Road Test Interim Full
Vehicle Road Test Check Steering
Vehicle Road Test Check Brakes
Vehicle Road Test Check Clutch (if applicable)
Vehicle Road Test Road Test
Initial Inspection Interim Full
Initial Inspection Check exterior lights and lamps
Initial Inspection Check seat belts (excluding any child seats if fitted and report)
Initial Inspection Check condition and operation of front and back wipers
Initial Inspection Top up washer fluid and check front washer operation (Full service - adjust washer jets if required)
Initial Inspection Check condition and operation of rear washer
Initial Inspection Check condition and tension of fan / aux. belt where visible
Initial Inspection Check and report instrument panel for warning lights
Initial Inspection Check power steering reservoir and top-up (if applicable)
Vehicle Checks Interim Full
Vehicle Checks Check steering gaiters, joints and dust covers
Vehicle Checks Check propshaft, suspension joints and grease nipples where fitted
Vehicle Checks Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
Vehicle Checks Check inner and outer driveshaft gaiters
Vehicle Checks Check tyres size, condition, tread depth, and fitment included spare
Vehicle Checks Check clutch fluid and operation (if applicable)
Vehicle Checks Check shock absorbers and spring condition (where visible)
Vehicle Checks Check wheels for correct balance (including spare)
Vehicle Checks Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
Vehicle Checks Check condition of brake pads and shoes
Vehicle Checks Check condition of brake discs and drums
Vehicle Checks Check condition of wheel cylinders, calipers and adjusters
Vehicle Checks Check handbrake linkages
Vehicle Checks Check exhaust system
Vehicle Checks Check any items reported by customer
Servicing Tasks Interim Full
Servicing Tasks Replace engine oil and filter
Servicing Tasks Replace air filter
Servicing Tasks Check and top up coolant level
Servicing Tasks Check and top up brake fluid level
Servicing Tasks Check anti-freeze strength MIN -20
Servicing Tasks Check battery condition and grease terminals if accessible
Servicing Tasks Lubricate accessible door hinges
Servicing Tasks Lubricate bonnet catch
Servicing Tasks Check for timing belt replacement interval and report if due according to mileage or age
Servicing Tasks Check for Pollen Filter replacement interval and report if due according to mileage or age
Servicing Tasks Check and report whether Spark Plugs are due to be changed according to mileage or age
Servicing Tasks Reset vehicle service light (if applicable) / subject to data and tooling availability

Replacement vehicles

Allied can provide you with an alternative vehicle, subject to availability at a charge. The cost of the hire car will depend on the vehicle you would like to hire as well as the duration. Please let us know if you require a replacement vehicle when booking your vehicle service.

Servicing FAQ’s

  1. What vehicles can you service?
    We are able to carry out an interim or full service on any car, van or truck. These can be vehicles which are for your personal or commercial use. If you have any special requirements, please let us know at the time of the booking.
  2. Can you provide an alternative vehicle when I bring in a car for a service?
    Yes, Allied are a vehicle hire and servicing company, with our own modern service centre. Allied can arrange for you to hire an alternative vehicle, subject to availability. There is a small charge for this which varies depending on the vehicle you are hiring.
  3. How long does a car or van service take?
    The time it takes to service your vehicle depends on whether you choose to have an interim or full service. For an interim service this can be completed whilst you wait or visit the shops. For a full service, this can be completed within a few hours as there are additional checks which need to be carried out. Should any additional work be required or recommended to the vehicle, we will contact you. We will only carry out further work to a vehicle with your permission.
  4. What should I bring with me?
    Please bring your vehicle service book with you so we can ensure it is checked and stamped by our technicians. We’ll let you know when your vehicle is ready to collect.
  5. Can I book a service online?
    Yes, ….[insert instructions once known]
  6. Can I service my car with you if it is under warranty?
    Yes, under the Block Exemption Regulation, you have the right to choose where you have your vehicle serviced. There is no obligation to take your vehicle back to where you originally purchased it. At Allied, we use parts which match or are equivalent to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means your vehicle warranty remains valid. We are unable to carry out manufacturer’s warranty work.
  7. Can you pick-up and drop-off my vehicle?
    For a small fee, Allied can arrange for your vehicle to be collected and brought into our service centre at Chelmsford. Allied can also drop your vehicle back to you when the vehicle service has been completed. Call us on 01245 496 155 to find out more.
  8. Do you carry out MOTs?
    Currently, Allied do not carry out MOTs ourselves. We have partnered with a local MOT centre in Essex and will be happy to arrange an MOT for you. We will take care of arranging the MOT so you do not need to worry about contacting another centre to do this.